Intro to Language in the Workplace Workshop

Freedom of Speech— Workshop Description:

This timely workshop examines the use of language in today's workplace. The workshop will introduce the legal implications of freedom of speech versus the impact of allowing offensive language in the workplace. Participants will discuss “how free is freedom of speech?” and identify the affects behind rude, crude and abusive language in the corporate culture.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is a must for employees, supervisors, and managers with a desire to create and maintain a friendly, respectful, and productive environment.

This workshop will include discussions about:

  • How “free” is free speech in the workplace?
  • Who does inappropriate language harm?
  • Actual case laws affecting language in the workplace
  • Company policies on ethical language
  • Reasons behind swearing and profanity
  • Ways to improve professional/ethical language


Workshops range from one-two hours. The cost is negotiable in the greater Milwaukee County and Southeastern Wisconsin areas. Other select Wisconsin counties may be included depending upon distance; $1,000 plus expenses if out-of-state.

Included in the workshop is a copy of Mr. Jaskolski's nationally and inter-nationally recognized policy on “Language in the Workplace”.