A Fresh Look: "Inclusiversity™"

Inclusiversity™ = Profit

T ShirtsWhat do people think of when they hear the word ‘Diversity'. A simple word association applies to the word 'Different'. The word 'Different' almost every time has a negative overtone related with it. The word ‘Diversity is also applied to the derivation of words like ‘Divided’, ‘Division’, ‘Divarication’ meaning separation.

Accordingly, when the majority of people in the workplace hear 'diversity' are they two steps away from disapproval or going their separate ways? Not everyone associates 'Diversity' to negativity. There were some other pleasing words that come up to explain ‘Diversity’ like; ‘Variety' 'Change' and ' Transformation' just to mention a few. However, are employers truly presenting the concept of ‘Diversity’ correctly in order to create unity?

The word ‘Inclusiversity™’ is intended to clarify the intent of any blended group, team or project. It is the combination of Inclusive and Diversity. By definition it is combining 'inclusive' — including; also taking into account 'diversity' the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness. This choice of wording is first and foremost intended to include others, include different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds.

In the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins, he states of companies who have taken the step from mediocre and ok having achieved greatness. For many employers who settle with 'good', he challenges them to seek out greatness by seeking out and recognizing the contributions of others.

By using the term 'Inclusiversity™' along with Collin's motivation to seek out greatness employers can appreciate a positive momentum in their work place. All employers should be reminded that diversity is not about singling anyone out — but is the quest for improvement, growth and profit by including through ‘Inclusiversity’ the differences of others.