Eric Jaskolski

Eric 'Charles' Jaskolski
served in U.S. Army Reserves for 11 years with a tour of duty (2009) in Afghanistan. His experience overseas, combined with his experiences upon returning to the civilian workforce, prompted him to consider what he could do to help other veterans reintegrate again into the workplace. His talks range from advising veterans on job searches to helping HR professionals understand the key points about working with war vets, dispelling the myths and reminding them of applicable law/s.

He also has given presentations to employers on 'Biracial the Bridge to Inclusion' with discussion of his letter to President Obama. The letter reached not only international recognition but also the interest of a Los Angeles, CA film-maker. Watch the trailer under the "Workshops" tab.

Eric has an easy personality and makes himself understandable. His speaking engagements are always well received and appreciated.