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Is there “Free Speech” at work?
Is the boss cursing out the employees?

Inappropriate language, verbal abuse and verbal threats were the incidents most commonly cited by Human Resources professionals, according to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in June 2003.

Business publications report that an increase in workplace profanity is considered unprofessional and offensive to many workers. Profanity can create a negative or hostile environment hereby, triggering sexual harassment, and lead to violence.

What the &#@!? Watch your language at work

The 4-Letter-Word Patrol Is In Pursuit
The New York Times

Profanity Can Be Profoundly Harmful

Four-letter-word patrol could spell trouble for swearing workers
Taipei Times

Feel like cursing? Foul mouth often adds to workplace stress
Chicago Tribune

The Word Wars
Human Resource Executive

Condemns Swearing
Financial Times Germany

Colorful Conversation Leaving Faces Red?
Washington Post

Biracial - what is it? It is me and millions of other people who can bridge the divide that exists between the different races in our country.

A letter to our "mixed" President
No More Race

Why not a racial box?
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Our Mission

WorkDay Insight is dedicated to providing specialized human resources auditing and advisement for businesses that supports and advances the success of its' clients. This is accomplished by protecting the client's employment rights and ensuring that they are equipped to handle day-to-day employment situations by being knowledgeable and prepared.

Our dedication to this mission is demonstrated by: Providing continuous cost effective processes, procedures and policies, guidance, direction and quality consultative services to clients of WorkDay Insight. We foster a team-oriented approach to ensure consistent, equitable, and prompt responses to our customers' needs and questions. We are committed to innovation and change with existing and new issues in human resources.

We are dedicated to clear communication, progressive thinking, and resourceful solutions by championing the belief that HR’s main function is providing assistance to all staff, whereby they work harmoniously together and provide the best possible product and/or service that the organization can render.

WorkDay Insight's guiding principles are…

  • integrity that demands doing what is right even if it is unpleasant and unpopular
  • ethics and confidence in all that we do
  • wisdom, honesty, and lawful practices

Carl Jaskolski

Placeholder ImageCarl Jaskolski has worked in Human Resources for over 30 years. He started WorkDay Insight to provide human resources advisement to businesses. In addition he teaches courses in human resources at the UnderGraduate and Graduate levels for Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Having worked in union and non-union environments as well as in civil service, privately owned, profit making and non-profit organizations he is committed to doing what he can in order to have the employer and employee work collectively and maintain a productive and harmonious relationship.

He has provided numerous seminar presentations for businesses on sexual harassment, inclusiversity, and language in the workplace.

Carl has received international recognition in his pursuit to clean up corporate communication. Articles appeared about his Language Code of Ethics policy for the workplace in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and on MSNBC.

Mr. Jaskolski received his BA in Mass Communication–Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and holds a Master’s degree in Labor Relations/Human Resources from the same university.

Eric Jaskolski

Eric 'Charles' Jaskolski
served in U.S. Army Reserves for 11 years with a tour of duty (2009) in Afghanistan. His experience overseas, combined with his experiences upon returning to the civilian workforce, prompted him to consider what he could do to help other veterans reintegrate again into the workplace. His talks range from advising veterans on job searches to helping HR professionals understand the key points about working with war vets, dispelling the myths and reminding them of applicable law/s.

He also has given presentations to employers on 'Biracial the Bridge to Inclusion' with discussion of his letter to President Obama. The letter reached not only international recognition but also the interest of a Los Angeles, CA film-maker. Watch the trailer under the "Workshops" tab.

Eric has an easy personality and makes himself understandable. His speaking engagements are always well received and appreciated.